Best MLB Sportsbooks

We look at the best MLB sportsbooks.

Key Points

– Choosing a sportsbook for the MLB season is an important decision for a bettor.

– When choosing the best MLB sportsbooks, bettors should consider a number of factors like betting options, bonuses and promotions, and the overall user experience.

Betting on America’s pastime is fun, enjoyable, and can be very profitable for bettors. One of the most important decisions a bettor can make is the choice of sportsbook for the MLB season.

There are a number of factors that should go into the decision of choosing a sportsbook for the MLB season. When it’s all said and done, your choice will be one of the reasons why you’ll be smiling and your pockets will be jingling.

Betting baseball can make up a significant portion of the year. Especially once the NBA & NHL Playoffs are over.

Betting Options at the Best MLB Sportsbooks

When looking for the best MLB sportsbooks, the number of betting options is a huge factor. Sure, you’ll find the traditional bets on the moneyline, run line, and totals, but the best of the best will give you tons of betting choices.

America’s Bookie is a great example of a top MLB sportsbook. You will find a wide array of bets from the traditional wagers to props, futures, and more. Bets like F5 – first five innings – and tons of props based on individual and team statistics are popular as are futures bets on divisions, AL and NL pennants, and the World Series.

AB has a massive pregame and live betting menu
AB has a massive pregame and live betting menu

Live in-game betting is another reason why MLB bettors love America’s Bookie. Sharp lines and odds and plenty of choices are one of the things you should look for in a MLB sportsbook.

Bonuses & Promotions

Face it. The rising popularity of sports betting has created a vastly competitive sportsbook market. There are tons of choices. 

In order to compete, sportsbooks have to entice new customers and dangle some incentives for existing customers. That means as a prospective customer you can find some outstanding bonuses just for signing up.

Take 1Vice as an example. It’s as if there is free money available all the time. An MLB bettor that signs up at 1Vice can receive a 100 percent deposit match. There are numerous other incentives as well.

New bettors can receive up to $3000 on their first deposit. There is gambler’s insurance where bettors can receive up to 10 percent back on monthly net losses. There’s also a rewards program and much more. 

These types of incentives go a long way in choosing the best offshore sportsbook for the MLB season.

The Best MLB Sportsbooks User Experience

MLB bettors love America’s Bookie and 1Vice for a variety of reasons, including the betting offerings and the amount of promotions and bonuses. 

There is also the user experience. MLB bettors want things to be seamless and easy. They log into their accounts and everything they do is simple. Navigating through the sportsbook website or the app is fast and easy. 

A bettor can open his account, make a deposit, check lines and odds, and place a wager all within a few minutes. MLB bettors looking for that type of experience should consider two of the industry’s best MLB sportsbooks – America’s Bookie and 1Vice.