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We’re here to help you find the best underdog moneyline odds. You don’t need to look any farther than America’s Bookie.

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As an established online global sportsbook with an impeccable track record for overall performance, US sports bettors can count on America’s Bookie.

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One of the main reasons why America’s Bookie has remained at the top of its game for well over a decade is its built-out betting board. Every major league in every betting sport is represented with a wide range of betting options.

Home of the Best Underdog Moneyline Odds

Backed by the most competitive betting lines and odds in the industry. America’s Bookie is your one-stop shop for expanding and diversifying your overall sports betting strategy.

One key component of that strategy is finding the best value in the posted odds. This is especially true for any player looking for the best value in betting underdogs.


While the general betting public continues to lean heavy towards betting favorites. The biggest value on the board lies with underdogs, especially when betting the money line.

Straight-up upsets are a huge part of the game in any sport or sporting event.

Underdog Betting Provides Profitable Possibilities

Betting the underdog on the money line in any matchup offers the biggest return on investment. Money line odds are the primary way to wager on baseball, hockey and soccer. However, that value carries over to both football and basketball money line odds.

America’s Bookie goes out of its way to offer the most competitive money line odds in the online sportsbook industry. Saving and extra $5 or $10 in commission (or juice) betting favorites over the course of a season can really add up.

AB’s industry-wide best moneylines

Earning an extra $5 or $10 betting moneyline underdogs is money in your pocket. Why take the risk on betting an underdog at +120? Especially when you can probably get +125 or even +130 odds at America’s Bookie.

This may seem like a subtle difference when it comes to betting a single game. However, that subtle difference turns into cold hard cash when your betting instincts are on the money.

Shop the Best Line – Best Underdog Moneyline Odds

The proof is on the betting board. The next time you are looking to place a moneyline bet on an underdog. Do yourself a favor and shop that line across a handful of online betting sites. Chances are, you will find that America’s Bookie is offering the best return on that particular bet.

Based in Costa Rica and operated by true sports betting experts, America’s Bookie knows how to cater to US players. They have matching bonuses on every deposit you make into your online betting account. Plus earn valuable reward points for your sports betting activity. It is all about enhancing the experience of betting on sports.

Promotional incentives and bonus offers are great. However, the easiest way to make extra money betting the games at America’s Bookie is tied to competitive betting odds. This is especially true when it comes to money line odds betting underdogs.

Why take one or two points on the spread at the standard 10% juice when you can bet that same underdog SU at +105 or even +110 moneyline odds. As mentioned, SU upsets are a huge part of the game in any betting sport and sporting event.

Turn to America’s Bookie to make the most of these types of high-value betting opportunities. They have the best underdog moneyline odds across the business.