Betting NFL Props

As if NFL betting wasn’t popular enough already. The number of NFL proposition bets at the best sportsbooks makes betting on the NFL even more exciting. Betting NFL props is the newest trend for sports bettors.

In addition to traditional moneyline, spread, and totals betting; NFL bettors have the opportunity to wager on everything from the Super Bowl champion and NFL Most Valuable Player to which player will have the most rushing yards in a season or which of two players will have more receiving yards in a single game.


The world of NFL prop bets is simply amazing…and bettors love it.

What are NFL Props?

NFL prop bets take many forms, but essentially they are bets on a certain outcome that has nothing to do with the result of an individual game. Many NFL props are set up in the form of a question like the example below.

Will there be a fumble or interception return for a touchdown?

YES +250

NO -325

The above bet is an NFL game proposition bet. It refers to a certain game, but is not affected by the outcome. The bettor can wager “YES” and win $250 on a $100 bet or the bettor can wager “NO” and win $100 on a $325 bet.

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Betting Different Types of NFL Props

The example given above is, as stated, and NFL game prop. When betting game props, you are betting on something not specific to a certain team but to a game itself. Other game props include “Will there be a safety scored in the game?”

Another type of NFL prop bet that is extremely popular is the player prop. Like the name suggests, all player props involve outcomes associated with a specific player.

Let’s look at an example using a quarterback. 

Russell Wilson Passing TDs Over 2.5 -110

Russell Wilson Passing TDs Under 2.5 +105

Seattle’s Wilson has been having an outstanding year in 2020 and has thrown 28 touchdowns in nine games. To win $100 on Wilson throwing three or more touchdown passes, you would have to wager $110.

You can also bet on a specific team outcome during the course of a game. For example, if Seattle was playing San Francisco, you could wager on the total number of touchdowns scored by either team. Again, a game prop bet is typically an Over/Under or Yes/No wager.

In addition to game, team, and player props, there are proposition bets on the entire NFL season. Some of the more popular NFL season props include wagers on whether or not a team will make the playoffs.

If you’re looking to get into betting NFL props, other season props include a wager on how many games a team might win or if a team will finish unbeaten.

As you can see, online sportsbooks betting menus are massive.

NFL Specials

Many times you will hear the term “NFL Specials” and it may be used in place of “NFL props,” but essentially any NFL proposition bet that doesn’t fit into one of the above categories is a special.

These would include unique bets such as who will be a certain team’s new head coach next season? Another special might involve a free agent and what team he will sign with or if a certain will be traded before the deadline.

No matter the type of prop bet, bettors love the additional action. When done right, bettors can also make some additional profits betting on NFL props.