Bookmaker Bonuses – Wise Guys Live for Them

Online bookmakers are gearing up for a windfall of betting action on the NFL this season and they know one thing; the competition is intense. Everybody out there wants a piece of the players time and the bookies are willing to go to the ends of the earth in an effort to reel the player in.

Where do you stand this year when it comes to having a great bookie lined up? Are you ready for the action? The NFL betting season is on top of us. If you have one great sportsbook, then you should keep them. A great sportsbook is hard to come by. If they are treating you good and they pay you on time and offer a great bonus that’s affordable, keep them, keep using them.

Make This the Best Football Season Ever with Pay Per Head Online Bookie Software

Here is the kicker; if you want to be a winner this year and you want to be a sharp player, you must havemore than one bookie service. You should have a handful of bookies at your disposal. This means that you need to start looking for those bookies right now. There isn’t much time left. Get in now to get the very best bonuses they have to offer and the best player contests. You don’t want to miss out on the early bird freebies. The trick here, is to have at least three or four sportsbooks. Find ones that offer the best NFL contests and the best NFL bonuses. It’s that time of year folks and the NFL promises to be better than ever. Forget about the political stuff and forget about what the fans may be or may not be saying. The thing that you must remember, you are betting on this sport and this sport can make you wealthy if you play your cards right!

There is a common misnomer that flies around every year and that is, wise guys don’t ever take a bonus. This is nothing but bull! Wise guys nearly always take a bonus. Now, they may not take a bonus with every online betting account that they own but is a guarantee that most all wise/sharp players, take a bonus.

Think of a sportsbook bonus like this: If you work for a company that takes money in on a daily basis and you are one of the employees that handles the money and your boss says to you… “you may take $300 a week for yourself to invest however you see fit, the only thing that I ask of you—is that you work an extra 10 hours per week; would you take the offer? Sure, you would take the offer. Your boss is giving you a chance to make money on the companies dime and it’s not called embezzlement! In essence, this is what a sportsbook bonus is. When you make a deposit, they will give you a bonus and the sole purpose of that bonus money, is for you to beat the very people that gave it to you.

Bookies charge a rollover for taking a bonus. If you win off of the bonus money, the winnings are placed into your cash account and you may play that money on other sports bets. You must play through the rollover in order to take a payout. Rollovers go fast, they do not last long when you are betting football all weekend long.

Stop Making Rookie Mistakes When Searching for the Perfect Sportsbook

It is a great idea to take a bonus; why not beat the bookie with his own money? This is like taking your nice laptop to the pawn shop and selling it for $250. One week later, you walk into the same pawn shop and you see your laptop for sale with a price tag of $175, are you going to buy it? Take a bonus!