Handicapping March Madness 2021

Bettors are excited and it’s time to get serious about handicapping March Madness 2021 after the entire event was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus. While the virus continues to have some effect on the college basketball season, the NCAA is working to ensure its annual tournament is a go this year. All games

Betting the 2020 Heisman Winner

With the 2020 college football season nearing its end, it will soon be time to crown this year’s Heisman Trophy winner. Let’s take a look at betting the 2020 Heisman winner. It was supposed to be a two-horse race between Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and Ohio State’s Justin Fields, but then the coronavirus stepped in to

Betting NFL Props

As if NFL betting wasn’t popular enough already. The number of NFL proposition bets at the best sportsbooks makes betting on the NFL even more exciting. Betting NFL props is the newest trend for sports bettors. In addition to traditional moneyline, spread, and totals betting; NFL bettors have the opportunity to wager on everything from

Online Sportsbooks Betting Menu is Massive

Have you ever wondered why your favorite steak restaurant has fish on the menu? It’s a steak restaurant, right? The same can be said for where you wager on sports, always check your online sportsbooks betting menu. But back to your favorite steak house, in order to reach more potential customers a restaurant has to

Tips for Betting the 2020 NFL Season

As bettors prepare for the 2020 NFL season, one thing keeps looming in the back of their collective minds. Global pandemic. However, we’re past that and ready for betting the 2020 NFL season. That pesky coronavirus eliminated annual OTAs, minicamps, and took its toll on preseason training camp as well. The preseason schedule was eliminated

Knowing How to Choose an Online Sportsbook

Welcome to the wonderful world of sports betting! It’s an exciting and potentially rewarding endeavour, but it does take some research at a number of different levels in order to achieve success. It starts with choosing an online sportsbook. IT PAYS TO BET ON THE GAMES AT AMERICA’S BOOKIE Like many industries, the sports gambling

Your Guide to Betting the NFL

More and more states around the U.S. are legalizing sports betting and the industry is growing. One of the most popular sports to bet on is professional football.  Betting on NFL games is a lot of fun and can be financially rewarding as well. In order to win though, you have to understand what you

Finance Your Education Through Bookmaking

The bookmaking business is an ever-growing industry that includes proprietorship from all walks of life. Literally, everyone is discovering how easy it is to become a bookie and how profitable it is. Bookies can make a small fortune in a short amount of time if they play their cards right. The tricks of successful bookies

Pay Per Heads – Quality Matters Cutting Corners Kills Profits

If you are a bookie then you know how busy your life is at this very moment. This time of year, is your busiest season and the time to count every penny and hopefully make a lot of money. If you are not making a lot of money then something is definitely wrong. In order

Bookmaker Bonuses – Wise Guys Live for Them

Online bookmakers are gearing up for a windfall of betting action on the NFL this season and they know one thing; the competition is intense. Everybody out there wants a piece of the players time and the bookies are willing to go to the ends of the earth in an effort to reel the player