College Bets

There has been a lot of controversy around placing college bets. Some people feel college athletes are too prone to points-shaving scandals. In any case, for now, college bets are still legal, and, in my opinion, pretty exciting. Placing bets on college football, basketball and baseball games is an exciting way to keep up with college athletics.

In a sense, placing bets on college teams helps you research your professional prospects. Eventually, the kids you’re betting on will be professional and if you’re watching them closely enough to bet on them, you’ll have a leg up in a few years. I know people who can’t get enough of the college sports information, waiting to see who has the best recruiting classes and which coaches leave and which stay.

Placing College Bets should be no different from placing bets on professional teams. The amount of research involved in professional betting should be put into college betting as well. Some people may argue that college sports have a big disadvantage in terms of betting. In college, players are playing to win for reasons perhaps deeper than a professional athlete. Players want to be drafted, they want a scholarship, they want to impress the alumni, and many other emotional reasons. If a team loses a big rivalry game, chances are that team is more likely to hang their heads going into the next game than a professional team may.

Too Many Teams, Not Enough Research

In college play, a week’s game is usually not an indication of how a team will perform the next week. Sometimes, college sports seem to have no rhyme or reason. Losing to teams one should beat is nothing new in sports in general, but it seems to happen more often in college that upsets abound on a weekly basis. Because of this, you should be careful in placing college bets. Instead of betting on every game, pick a few and do some quality research. There are far more college teams out there to place bets on than there are professional teams and don’t think oddsmakers don’t take this into consideration.