Finance Your Education Through Bookmaking

The bookmaking business is an ever-growing industry that includes proprietorship from all walks of life. Literally, everyone is discovering how easy it is to become a bookie and how profitable it is. Bookies can make a small fortune in a short amount of time if they play their cards right. The tricks of successful bookies is finding players, building a great online forum that players love to use, and receiving as much cross-action as possible. Bookies live off the juice. The juice is the bread and butter, so the more players that a bookie has, the more he stands to profit. Win or lose the event, the juice will always pay if there is cross-action involved. From housewives to students, everyone is jumping on the bookie bandwagon and everyone wants a piece of the sports betting pie. Stick around and find out how students can earn money while in college.


► College is a highly expensive undertaking and we all know how daunting it can be to attend full-time and have to work. The other alternative is student loans and we all know what a hot button issue this is in the news. Bernie Sanders has introduced new legislation that would erase all student loan debt in the entire United States… ($1.6 trillion!) This is never going to happen and for one reason, how is it fair to erase all student loan debt when millions have paid off their student loans? The US would have to pay all of those folks back. Again; not happening. College is extremely demanding and, in this day, and age, folks need an education. An education is virtually mandatory in order to land a great career.

► Bookmaking is fast becoming an alternative to loans or working. Yes, we said working. Don’t misunderstand, bookmaking is not always easy and in fact, it’s downright hectic and a huge hassle without the correct tools in place to make the job easy.


How is bookmaking made easy?

► The pay per head industry has come along at the right time and virtually taken over the offshore gaming industry. What they have done is create bookmaking software that even a novice can use, and software that is inexpensive and all-inclusive.

► What the pay per head providers have invented is an online sportsbook, racebook (horses) and Las Vegas style casino, all-in-one. Even better, the cost to get in with a fantastic PPH is around $10-$15 per head-per week.

► You may think you know very little about sports gambling or any kind of gambling for that matter, and you may have the idea that you need to be an expert to be a successful bookie; this is a misnomer and couldn’t be further from the truth. You need not have any real experience. What you must do is be willing to find people that love and want to gamble and get them signed up!

► The PPH provider does all of the bookmaking work for you. They are your personal assistant and you need to do very little. What you must do is find a PPH provider and try them for free. You do not need players to start a PPH, and you can operate your PPH with as little or as many players as you can gather in.

***A PPH (Pay Per Head) is a turnkey ready online sportsbook, racebook and casino. You step into a ready-made website that’s custom built for you and your players. You have a toll-free customer service hotline to call 24/7, as well as do your clients. All of the work is done for you and there is no up-front cost. The PPH sets your daily lines and odds and offers all of the sports that you want to offer your clients on a daily-betting basis. They take care of all the accounting (you will always know where each dollar is spent and how much you have won). All you must do is find clients and add them to your clients list. The PPH takes care of everything else. There is virtually no limit to where this bookie business can take you and you may easily pay for college and much more. Check it out, call a PPH with an outstanding reputation and get started for no cost today.


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