Finding Offshore Betting Lines Value

There’s a ton of offshore betting lines value. Much better than commercial US based sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings.

Key Points

– Offshore sportsbooks offer a number of advantages to sports bettors.

– Bettors can find the sharpest lines in the industry at an offshore sportsbook.

Offshore Betting Lines Value

The boom in the sports betting industry has brought millions of new bettors into the sportsbook market. Legal changes in the U.S., for example, have made sports betting legal in 30 of 50 states.

With so many potential bettors searching for sportsbooks, many may want to consider going offshore. Offshore sportsbooks have been in the business much longer and have several advantages.

One of those benefits helps bettors in finding value in offshore betting lines.

What Are Offshore Sportsbooks?

In reference to sportsbooks, the term ‘offshore’ simply refers to those sportsbooks that are located outside the physical boundaries of the U.S.

There are numerous offshore sportsbooks located in the Caribbean and Central America. Costa Rica, for example, is home to a number of offshore gaming operations. There are also offshore books located in Asia and even Canada.

The term ‘offshore sportsbook’ generally refers to any website that provides online betting services to bettors in the U.S. Offshore betting lines value is tied to these services.

Value in Options

One thing offshore books are known for is the number of value betting options available. Bettors will find a betting menu unlike onshore books. 

When you are looking for a certain player prop bet or searching for action on European or South American soccer, you are more likely to find it at an offshore sportsbook. 

For the sheer number of bets, offshore sportsbooks offer a lot more than onshore or local bookies.

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Offshore Betting Lines Value in Bonuses

With so much competition now in the industry, sportsbooks have to offer bonuses and other incentives to get bettors to sign up. 

Offshore sportsbooks tend to offer the best bonuses and promotions in the industry. In places like Costa Rica for example, it is much less expensive to operate a sportsbook. With less overhead expense, these sportsbooks are able to offer some great bonuses with the intent of attracting more customers.

These bonuses can then be used by bettors, usually in the form of free bets. Bettors play more and sportsbooks earn more. It’s a win-win for both the bettor and the sportsbook.

Getting Value in Betting Lines

Offshore sportsbooks have been in the business for decades. Before those legal changes in the U.S., bettors had to go offshore. We recently wrote an article that outlined specific odds. Take a look at best underdog moneyline odds at America’s Bookie.

With all that experience, oddsmakers at offshore sportsbooks have honed their skills at setting lines. Bettors will find the sharpest lines in the industry offshore. 

Finding a half-point here or better odds there can make all the difference. Bettors that shop offshore for better lines typically find that they win more often. That, of course, leads to a nicer bankroll.

Value in Anonymity

Bettors that value their anonymity also find that an advantage when working with an offshore sportsbook. 

Offshore sportsbooks do a great job of protecting their customers’ personal and financial information. Plus, most offshore sportsbooks allow financial transactions in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

These cryptocurrencies add another level of anonymity for the sports bettor looking to remain under the radar.

We hoped this helped when it comes to finding offshore betting lines value.