Line Shopping: Comparing Betting Lines

Line shopping and comparing betting lines is a key strategy for bettors.

Key Points

– Line shopping is an easy strategy that can help any bettor in any sport.

– Bettors can compare lines and odds in any sport across all betting markets.

Line Shopping: Comparing Betting Lines

One easy way to gain an advantage over online sportsbooks is to perform a comparison of the various betting lines. Simply shopping for the best lines and odds can help any bettor win more often and expand the bankroll.

The odds on the money line provide a useful comparison of the various betting markets that should serve as shopping targets. Nevertheless, point spreads and total lines are of equal importance.

Line shopping and comparing betting odds are two ways to check more favorable plays while actively reading a betting board. Both of these are examples of winning betting strategies. 

When taking into account how and where you see them, the lines and odds displayed by an online sportsbook can make or break a game for the average bettor. That’s why it’s an important tool for winning bettors.

Comparing Money Lines

Scores in baseball and hockey are so low that the two sports are more conducive to money line betting. Scoring in football and basketball is higher, but those two sports can still be bet on the money line too. This is especially true in games that are expected to be close.

When comparing the best underdog money lines for example, one of the most important differences to keep in mind is how and when lines and odds are noticed. It’s possible that now is the best time to place a wager. Bettors must consider that there is a possibility the money line odds will change. Lines and odds will change between the time a game is first listed and the moment that it is played.

The odds on the money line are always available for shopping. You will be able to see that the odds are in your favor if you compare the money lines of three to five different online sportsbooks. 

When betting money line odds for the entire season, any savings that are realized on the favorite or any returns that are realized on underdogs will add up over time. Consistently getting underdogs at +120 instead of +110 will add up to a significant amount by the time the season is over.


Point Spread Line Shopping

Although point spreads are not as noticeable as money lines, a difference of half a point can make a world of difference in terms of what is required. Over the course of the season, the advantageous spread that goes in your favor will add up. Some online sportsbooks have the ability to change the juice associated with the line. That can represent even more savings or return.

In the world of professional handicapping, developing the habit of comparing different point spreads and different odds is an essential ingredient in the recipe for covering all of the games. If the behavior becomes a habit, it has the potential to make you an excellent handicapper.

Line Shopping: Comparing Betting Lines

Betting Totals

The best online sportsbooks will often change their odds rather than move total lines within a predetermined range. You should consider line shopping when betting totals and not just point spreads and totals. Reduced juice on a game total can add up over a period of time. 

Let’s say you have a game total and the Under is listed at -105. The Over is given -115 odds. When you compare the total line at three to five different online sportsbooks, you will notice that one or two of the books have taken a piece of the commission off of either the OVER or the UNDER for the game. 

One sportsbook might list the Under at -107 or the Over at -110. Although there is a change in the juice, the total line remains the same. When a bettor determines which side of the bet he wants, he can then choose the sportsbook that offers the best price.

In this case, the bettor likes the Over. It would make more sense to pay $110 to win $100 than $115 to do the same.

The best online sportsbooks offer the lowest money lines on favorites. They offer point spreads with advantageous half points and better odds on totals bets. It pays for any bettor in any sport to commit to line shopping. In the long run, it will save money and create more return.

Comparing betting lines is the same as analyzing the odds offered by various online sportsbooks. The only thing left for the bettor to do is to gather the spoils of his labor.