Monitor Your Subagents through a Pay Per Head Changed Wager Report

One of the biggest benefits that today’s top Pay Per Head online bookie software providers bring to the table is real time business analytics in the form of a number of different performance reports that can monitor every aspect of your private bookie business. Nothing is left to chance when you have fast and easy access to a wide array of the pertinent information needed to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook.

Most of the bigger independent bookmakers in the Internet sports betting industry have gone to a subagent system to grow and expand the business. If this is the business model that you have chosen for your bookie business, then it becomes even more important to have that real time information right at your fingertips. Even if you run your bookie business as a sole proprietor, you need to develop an element of control that will always keep you way out in front of all the daily action coming in.

One of the most useful business tools for keeping close tabs on any subagents that may be working for you is a ‘changed wager report’. This report is designed to track any changes that were made to a bet after it had been booked. There are normally four different types of changes that are tracked; deleted wagers, edited wagers, filled open wagers and changed risk. The report can be searched by date and it will show the exact player account number and the exact time the change was made. There is also a description of the wager which will show the rotation number of the game as well as the odds for that particular bet. There is also a column for the risk amount and the win amount as well as the new status for this bet.

The changed wager report makes it very easy to pinpoint any activity that has taken place since the bet was originally booked. While this is vital as a form of documentation if a dispute should arise down the road, it is even more important as a form of checks and balances for your bookie operation.

Much of how and when you use this information depends on how you have your subagents set up with your Pay Per Head service. Some bookmaking agents will only give their subagents viewing rights to the reports concerning the players they are responsible for. Other agents will allow their subagents to make adjustments to the wagers they book. Either way, the changed wager report is just one example of how today’s sophisticated price per head software solutions can help you run and manage your own sportsbook.

As a master agent, the ultimate responsibility of your success or failure still falls upon your shoulders. You have the ability to grow and expand your business as wide as possible with the use of subagents, but you also have to ensure that you have a working system in place that prevents any misuse or abuse of the guidelines that are put in place. You would like to think that every subagent that works for you is always operating their piece of the business on the up and up, but unfortunately a business of this nature can open the door to some dishonest trade

The bottom line to expanding a bookie business into one that utilizes subagents is to try and surround yourself with the best people possible while also protecting your business interests with the best Pay Per Head online bookie software solutions you can find.