Pay Per Heads – Quality Matters Cutting Corners Kills Profits

If you are a bookie then you know how busy your life is at this very moment. This time of year, is your busiest season and the time to count every penny and hopefully make a lot of money. If you are not making a lot of money then something is definitely wrong. In order for the gambler to beat the house, they must be winning 52-54% of the time. The juice is your bread and butter and you know that what you need the most, is cross action. You can get beat up on one game but if you have cross action across the board on the other events of the night, then you have a chance to recoup your losses. A bookies life is not always easy, you guys are busy and you must wear many hats. You must be a customer service guru and you must be a great accountant and money manager or your doomed to fail. This is where finding a quality Pay Per Head provider is the most important thing you can do for yourself.


Sportsbook Bonuses – Wise Guys Live for Them

Internet sports gambling has exploded in the recent years and it practically doubles by volume every two to three years. People want in on the boon, both gamblers and bookies alike. There is a common misconception about bookies. The weekend gambler or (better known in the industry) as “a square” they get the idea that all bookies are rich and that the house always wins. This is simply not true and if you have been in the business for any length of time, you know this is false. As we mentioned earlier, the gambler must win around 52% of the bets they make in order to just beat the juice. The “square” will never average that number and yes, they are always losing, and for this reason, they think the house always wins. On the flip side of this equation is the “sharp” bettor. The sharps are the handicappers that devote a life to handicapping a sport for the sole purpose of betting on even several sports. These guys can be devastating to sportsbooks. They are good at what they do, they spend every waking moment handicapping events with beating you as their main goal.


Tips to Increasing Weekly NFL Profits with Pay Per Head

The Pay Per Head industry has come along and really gained worldwide traction in the last ten years and the PPH companies that have been in business since the beginning, they are the ones in the know and that offer a high quality product to the bookies they serve.

In the last few years, many PPH companies have cropped up all over the world and they lay claim to the idea that cheaper is better; be very careful. You are the consumer and what you consume is offered to other consumers, your clients. They will either love your or despise you! You certainly wasn’t to be loved! You need your clients and you need the word of mouth that you are a fair and honest bookie with the latest and greatest in technology and most importantly, the best lines and odds in the business.


Make This the Best Football Season Ever with Pay Per Head Online Bookie Software

Make sue that your PPH provider is one that comes loaded with the best user interface and the best wagering platform in the industry. Double check, and make sure they can guarantee a 99% uptime. You never want to strand your clients before a big game goes off the board; they will leave you stone cold and this could lead to thousands of dollars in potential losses.

When choosing a fantastic Pay Per Head you must do some research and read the best PPH reviews. Find out which providers are known to have a high quality staff that is friendly and accessible. Find out who has the best online security in the business and who offers the best service when it comes to player and house reports that you can view up to the minute and in real time.

A lot of PPH companies are offering their services for $3 and $4 per head, be careful. These folks have not been in business for 10, 15, and 20 years. They do not understand what today’s bookie is looking for. Cheaper is not always better. A fair price is certainly expected but remember, you get what you pay for. You can spend $15 on a no-name running shoe and when you put it on it’s comfortable, but a month down the road, you’ve blown them out. Had you spent the $150 on a pair of Nikes, you would be singing instead of cursing.

Find a great PPH provider that offers all the perks, bet slip grading, player reports and a bet ticker. Read the reviews, find the best and jump in with a free trial offer.